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I was very excited to finally find an appraisal software that is Apple / MAC compatible. Instappraise is easy to use with a rapid learning curve and professional results. The fact that I can carry it with me on my iPad and even hand it off to my my client for on-boarding their personal info is a handy feature.

The stores I appraise for include several out-of-state clients who are thrilled with my quick turn around and I am happy to offer them same-day appraisals. Instappraise has allowed me to increase the speed of my appraisals and the volume of appraisals I am able to complete.

My clients are sending me more business because I am able to complete their appraisals the same day and offer them an easy-to-read and professional document with the same level of expertise and detail they are accustomed to.

The customer support Instappraise offers is fantastic. Often I have a response to my support ticket within minutes and I have received over the phone training and online assistance to create appraisal documents I am proud to sign my name to. The list of features continues to grow and the app improves continually which allows me to feel confident that this app will grow with my business into the future.

- Theresa Peregoy, G.G. (GIA)

Instappraise is so user friendly & has transformed our appraisal business for pieces that were not originally purchased through our establishment. The layout and format is clean, professional & easy to digest. Would highly recommend!

- Sara S.

Excellent software and support. Easy to use. Allows any degree of user input- from minimal to extensive. Professional looking reports are generated with ease.

- Lamar Murrell, G.G. (GIA)

User friendly and saves my gemologist a lot of time. Professional and fairly priced. Highly recommended!

- Sagar Bhalla

Amazing product and customer service! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to create valuations in-house.

- Michael Wobcke

Incredible Software and makes valuing a breeze, love the watch software aspect, the customer service is excellent.

- Nicolas Delmont

Highly recommended software! Very friendly and helpful on any thing you need .

- Hugo Mosqueda

Fantastic software, very user friendly and our customers love the professional look of their appraisals.

- Richard Smith, GG (GIA)

Have been working With Instappraise for the last few months, and now running all of our appraisals from their portal, Very professional and the staff is very accommodating when you need an Issue resolved, Highly Recommend them

- Moshe Levy

A really well designed appraisal program, very user friendly and a great after sales service!

- Lee Satariano, C.D.G, H.G.G

I've been using instappraise for the past month and it got me hooked. I can't imagine doing an appraisal without them now. So easy!!!

- Dean Fredrick, G.G. (GIA)

A very well designed software for appraisals. Professional in appearance with a super easy learning curve. Raphael is a pleasure to work with and always more than happy to help with any request.

- Greg Ledbetter