Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers on our jewelry appraisal software

  • What is Instappraise?

    Instappraise is a cloud-based jewelry appraisal software & management platform for all parties involved in the jewelry appraisal practice, including but not limited to Gemologist Appraisers, Certified Jewelry Professionals, Retail Jewelers, Pawn Brokers, Insurance Professionals and end consumers.

  • How can Instappraise help my business?

    Our appraisal software helps appraisers complete, distribute and manage appraisals in a fast and efficient manner. More appraisals completed in less time means more revenue for your business.

  • Do I need to install Instappraise on my computer?

    No installation is required to use Instappraise. We are a cloud-based platform available on all modern web browsers.

  • Is my account secure?

    Account security and data privacy are extremely important to us. From safe password practices to data encryption, we take all the possible steps to secure your data.

    For increased account security, we strongly recommend enabling 2-Factor Authentication under your account settings.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can streamline your jewelry appraisal process for the approximate "cost of one retail appraisal per month". We offer an affordable pre-paid annual plan as well as a low-risk, no commitment month-to-month plan. Instappraise offers a 14-Day Free Trial to all users.

    For more information, please visit our plans & subscription page.

  • Do you provide pricing data? Can I link my Rapaport, or GemGuide account?

    We partnered up with some industry leaders for the most accurate and up to date pricing data available.

    You can link your Instappraise account to your existing Rapaport, GemGuide, IDEX and Gemval accounts for a fully integrated pricing service.

  • Can I print appraisals

    Multiple templates are available, allowing you to customize and print beautiful jewelry appraisal reports.

  • Can I access my account from multiple computers?

    Instappraise is a cloud-based platform and requires no installation. This means that you can access your account from any computer, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Is Instappraise available on Apple devices?

    Our application is web based and can be accessed using any web browser, from any device. You can access your account using many device types and operating systems, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Windows, Apple / MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android based computers, tablets & smartphones.

  • What are that benefits to my customers?

    Instappraise is more than a document creation platform. Our cloud-based software also handles document distribution and offer many other tools to your customers.

    When you create appraisals on Instappraise, you have a choice to give your customers access to their appraisals directly on their personalized online portal. This gives them the ability to view and manage their appraisals directly from their mobile devices or computers.

  • Can I still access my data if I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. When your paid subscription expires, your account reverts to a "Basic" portal access. This gives you access to all the documents you previously created, including appraisals, quotes, take-in forms as well as all your customer profiles.

  • How much do software updates cost?

    Your Instappraise subscription is all-inclusive. Software updates are done frequently (weekly) and are completely free!