Instappraise joins the American Gem Society and Releases AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report Database Integration for fast & seamless jewelry appraisal process

Calgary, Alberta - Instappraise is pleased to announce its recently approved membership into the American Gem Society (AGS). As part of its new relationship with AGS, the innovative technology startup is excited to announce the release of its latest time-saving integration: the platform now seamlessly integrates with AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report database.

“Automatically import diamond data and attach AGS Diamond Grading Reports to your jewelry appraisals in seconds!”

AGS & Instappraise

Jewelry professionals already know that the AGS is an esteemed trade association that represents the top jewelers, independent appraisers, and suppliers in the United States and Canada. Instappraise aligns with AGS' values of integrity, transparency, quality/excellence, and exceptional customer service.

AGS Labs Grading Report Database Integration

Now, the power of AGS Labs' Diamond Grading Report Verification database is directly integrated into Instappraise's jewelry appraisal creation process, allowing the user to search for any AGS Labs report number and immediately gain access to all relevant information from AGS Labs' own database. Best of all, this step is a seamless part of the appraisal creation workflow.

AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Reports

The information from the AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Reports includes the grading data automatically imported onto your appraisal and a PDF facsimile of the report, which is automatically added and attached as an additional page on the appraisal document.

With this powerful tool, jewelry professionals can confirm that the item matches the information in the AGS Laboratories grading report and then easily document that information on the appraisal. It's a one-stop solution that minimizes clicks and fussing with paperwork.


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