Instappraise releases GIA Report Check Integration for an even faster & seamless jewelry appraisal process!

Add full diamond descriptions to your jewelry appraisals in 5 seconds! (Seriously!)

Calgary, Alberta: Instappraise, a fast-growing technology startup and developer of the innovative and easy-to-use jewelry appraisal creation and management solution, is pleased to announce a time-saving new integration: the platform now seamlessly integrates with the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) Report Check.

Jewelry professionals all over the world already know that GIA Lab Reports represent the highest standard of consistency and integrity in the diamond and gemstone grading industry.

Better and faster appraisals are now a reality.

Today, Instappraise is excited to announce that the power of GIA's Report Check is directly integrated into Instappraise’s appraisal creation process, allowing users to easily add GIA-graded diamond information to their appraisals by inputting any GIA report number and immediately importing all relevant information from GIA's own database and auto-populating it into the appraisal.

“All of this happens seamlessly in just a few seconds!”

The information imported from GIA includes all of the diamond's grading data, including color, clarity, cut, weight, measurements and much more! Best of all, a PDF copy of the grading report is automatically downloaded and attached to the appraisal document. All of this happens effortlessly in just a few seconds!

GIA Import

 Shown above: GIA Import on Instappraise

In the appraisal world, time is money!

This seamless step of the appraisal creation workflow saves appraisers valuable time and significantly improves the quality of appraisal reports by attaching highly trusted and recognizable grading reports to appraisal documents.

Instappraise Founder & CEO Raphael Boivin stated:

“We are extremely excited to be able to leverage GIA’s report check technology to offer new and innovative ways to streamline the appraisal process for jewelers and appraisers all over the world. GIA’s report check technology is one more key element that allows us to fulfill our mission of making the appraisal process fast and easy for all jewelry professionals. This new feature represents the absolute best of both worlds: more details in less time, without taking shortcuts.”


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